Japan’s Citizen Runner, Yuki Kawauchi was officially recognized by Guinness

Japanese marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi received a certificate from Guinness World Records in his hometown on Sunday recognizing him for completing the most number of marathons in under 2 hours and 20 minutes. "I'm very happy but this is still a passing point," said Kawauchi, known as the "public servant runner," who has achieved 78 sub-2:20 marathons. "I'm now aiming to reach 100 (sub-2:20s) to be called the hard-bitten Kawauchi." Yuki, a 2:08 marathoner is known for his unconventional approach to elite distance running. Yesterday he ran a marathon in a Panda suit in his home town. This is not the first time he raced in costume. He ran the 2015 Japan’s Kuki Half Marathon in 1:06:42 while wearing a business suit. Kawauchi is a hero to many in Japan because of his decision not to accept corporate sponsorship for his running. Instead, he works 40 hours per week.

posted Sunday March 25th