Hellen Obiri in her best shape ever heading the Boston Marathon

Hellen Obiri is bubbling with confidence ahead of the Boston Marathon and feels like she is in her best marathon running shape ever.

Reigning New York City Marathon champion Hellen Obiri is ready to rumble at the Boston Marathon after enjoying her training and working on some of her major undoings.

Speaking to Citius Mag, the defending champion feels like she in her best shape and is ready for the challenge as she eyes a slot in the Olympic team ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The two-time World 5000m champion disclosed that she has also worked on her bottle-handling technique, an issue that has affected her a lot since she tends to miss taking water at certain points of the race.

“I feel so excited and nothing has changed…I’m so healthy and I’m ready for Monday. I’ve been doing the bottle handling and I am now much better.

“I think I’m in the best marathon shape and we normally compare my training from last year and now I can say I’ve been running so fast and I feel good,” Obiri said.

The former World 10,000m silver medalist also admitted that there is a lot of pressure coming from her fans and friends since she is the defending champion.

She noted that, however, going to the race, she will embrace a strong mindset and give her all since she is also competing against very strong women. Obiri also explained that it would be a great thing if she wins the race because it would place her in a better position to be selected in the Olympic team.

“This year I have a lot of pressure since I’m the defending champion and everyone will be looking at me to see what I’m going to do. I have a big task and I know we have strong ladies here but I will give my best and stay mentally focused.

“Nowadays I’m a bit nervous when starting because I have never raced with some ladies before but I’m trying to do my best to avoid that.

“I think it would be best if I win but I’m sure they will observe how the race will be…this is a marathon and it’s Boston, the course being the same as the Paris 2024 Olympics. However, I want to win,” Obiri said.

posted Saturday April 13th
by Abigael Wuafula