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Cross internacional de Italica

Sunday November 21st, 2021
seville, Spain
Distance: 11.075m, men - 9m, women · Cross Country

The Cross Internacional de Itálica is an annual cross country running competition it will be held on 21st of November in Santiponce, near Seville, Spain. Inaugurated in 1982, the race course is set in the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Italica. As one of only two Spanish competitions to hold IAAF permit meeting status, it is one of the more prestigious races on the Spanish cross country circuit.

The competition comprises three general categories of race: children's and junior races, the mass participation ("popular") race, and the professional international races. The men's international race was a 10km race until 1999 when it was increased to roughly 11km. The distance of the women's international race (currently 8km) has also fluctuated, varying between 5.5km and 6.6km in its early years.The course of the race loops through the ancient streets of Itálica, passing alongside ruins throughout.The red clay ground usually makes for a dry running surface, although rain has occasionally made this a particularly difficult, muddy course in previous editions.

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Cross internacional de Italica
Prize Money: $180,000

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Race Date: 11/21/2021 Distance: Cross Country
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 28:33 Rodrigue Kwizera 21 BDI
2nd Male 28:34 Tadese Worku 19 ETH
3rd Male 28:42 Nibret Melak 22 ETH
4th Male 28:49 Aron Kifle 32 ERI
Female 24:22 Norah Jeruto 26 KEN
2nd Female 24:23 Margaret Chelimo 28 KEN
3rd Female 24:25 Beatrice Chebet 21 KEN
4th Female 24:38 Senbere Teferi 26 ETH
Division Time Name Age Home
Cross internacional de Italica

Italica is one of the most important Roman sites in Spain. It has its origin with Publius Cornelius Scipio by the year 206 BC, after the triumph of Rome over Carthage in Ilipa. It is the birthplace of important personalities, specifically in Italica were born the emperors Trajan and Adriano and many senators of the time. It was then a city of proven importance, especially since the time of Augustus. Hence the importance of its theater and amphitheater, the third largest in the empire after the Roman Colosseum and the anti-theater of Padua. It had luxury mansions whose remains are preserved. Its decadence arrived with the dynasty of the Antoninos and it was accentuated in times of Severe Septimio, diminishing the size of the city. It is a place with a lot of history around which the Cross Italica 2018 revolves.

It is expected in total more than 3,000 participants who will further enhance a field through as the Cross of Itálica that has more than 37 years of history.

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