Being hit by a truck didn’t stop this Marathoner from qualifying for Boston two weeks later

Lucy McCausland has always enjoyed the challenges of running a marathon. The 63-year-old McCausland was at the start of the Five Points of Life Marathon a year ago. Because she was there at all. There, ready to run, instead of being home in bed or laid up in a hospital or, well, even somewhere worse. A little more than two weeks earlier, a routine training run came to an abrupt and frightening end when she was struck by a truck that ran through a stop sign. The impact sent McCausland sprawling onto the hard asphalt, injuring her back and head. “I thought he saw me, but he didn’t,” she says. She was sent to the emergency room, where she underwent tests to determine the severity of her head injury. There were some anxious moments before the doctors came back with some good news. “I took it as a motivation thing. I was just so lucky... I ran within 17 seconds of the time I wanted, which got me into Boston Marathon this April,” she said.

posted Saturday February 17th