2018 Boston Marathon Winner Yuki Kawauchi is going to take a break from Marathoning

Yuki Kawauchi announced on Face Book today that, "I have decided to stop running marathons in America and Europe until next spring." This comes after running some tough marathons including the Venice Marathon where he had to run through ankle deep water.  Yuki continues, "Because I feel severe going to work (after a marathon) without recovery time (massage, hot spring, rest, etc.) after a long fight and jet lag."  He has to go into work soon after he arrives and usually works until 9:15pm.  He posted, "It was no problem when I was younger." In the last year he mentioned the following races: January marathon in US was very cold like -17C.  In March he vomited after finish because of the hot conditions in Taiwan.   The conditions in Boston where he won was terrible (cold, wet and windy).  In May he ran a 71K race in Japan on a very tough course.  June was a hot marathon in Sweden. He ran in strong wind in Japan and Italy.  He concluded, "I need to recover perfect condition by next spring."  Gary Fanelli, former elite runner, reaction was similar of many, "Yes Yuki, you definitely need please give that to yourself...and rest until you do feel 100%...which means, how you felt before you started a marathon."

posted Thursday November 8th