Olympic silver medallst Abdi Nageeye targeting 2:04 at Rotterdam Marathon next weekend

Abdi Nageeye is the 2021 Olympic marathon silver medalist from Tokyo Marathon. In the hot and humid conditions that the marathoners battled in Sapporo, Japan, Abdi Nageeye cajoled his training partner, Bashir Abde to sprint hard, moving past Lawrence Cherono, to take the bronze medal. Abdi was both exhausted and overjoyed.

Nageeye targeting 2:04

Olympic marathon silver medalist Abdi Nageeye is targeting a 2:04 performance at the Rotterdam Marathon on 10 April. The Dutchman believes the race is the perfect location for him to challenge his own national record of 2:06:17 set there three years ago.

The European record is 2:03:36, held by Bashir Abdi. "Rotterdam was the race that offered the best experience for me," he said, quoted by his team, NN Running. "It is very welcoming, it is in my home country, NN is based in Rotterdam and as I have a big desire to improve my PB, it makes sense to run Rotterdam because it is such a fast course.

It is such a special race because it gives you the belief that you can run fast times and the crowd is really amazing. From about 33 kilometers through to around 36 kilometers you run in the forest and because it is such a nice environment even when the race is at this really tough stage, you don't feel the pain.

I think that is one of the reasons you see the fast times because people leave the forest section of the race not crazy tired."

posted Thursday March 31st
by Alfonz Juck