ASICS introduces new mask made for runners

The latest product from ASICS was designed with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind

This week ASICS announced that the company’s Institute of Sport Science (ISS) has developed a face mask with the performance, comfort and protection of runners in mind. The mask, called the ASICS Runners Face Cover, was designed after countries all around the world not only endorsed the wearing of masks, but enacted laws enforcing it. If you’re a runner who would feel more comfortable wearing a mask while out for your runs on the roads or trails around other people, the ASICS face cover could be a great option.

The face cover features air vents that offer unobstructed airflow while still managing to prevent the spread of droplets. Its adjustable cord helps accommodate all runners, and it locks in place to ensure that it fits snugly on anyone’s face. The face cover is designed with a washable, quick-dry fabric, and as a bonus, each mask is made from approximately 31 per cent recycled materials, so you’re helping the environment while also protecting people around you as you run.

In a statement from the company, Kenichi Harano, the executive officer and senior general manager at the ISS, said, “We know how important it is for runners to protect themselves and others when running, but also that many find face covers uncomfortable and restrictive. So, we created the ASICS Runners Face Cover, uniquely designed for runners with cutting-edge technology.” The company estimates that it will be available to order in Canada by mid- to late-September on the ASICS website for C$60.

posted Saturday August 1st
by Running Magazine