94-years-old Maureen run her 25 Marathon

Maureen, from Drombane, has yet again faced her yearly challenge and completed her 25th consecutive Marathon in Dublin. At 94 years of age, she still enjoys participating with all the other women who run or walk this event each year. She is an inspiration to many who have participated over the years and her amazing zest for life and her endurance has undoubtedly encouraged many more elderly folk to take up the task.

Maureen insists that self enjoyment is paramount, “if you enjoy doing something then it becomes easy so I look forward to this marathon each year and of course I still do my daily walk around home which keeps me fit in the meantime”. 

Maureen is proud of her achievements and rightly so but she states “I have made it to number 25. 25 Marathons completed, each one I have enjoyed throughly, I loved the build up each year. The excitement of it all and of course raising funds that assist others is what its really all about. For me now I think its time to hang up the runners on this event”. 

Not many can say they are going to retire at 94 and actually do so but Maureen insists that she will still do her daily walk and support Upperchuch hillwalking club to the best of her ability. 

posted Wednesday June 19th