Drinking fluids during endurance events it’s important to keep savvy about our fluid intake

Here are some important answers to the questions of how much to drink, when to drink and what to drink so you can end up at the finish line in the best shape possible.

How much to drink A good guide is to drink according to thirst, making sure that every time you reach an aid station you drink water if you are thirsty and you do not allow your thirst to build for a long time.

As a general guide, adults should aim for 500ml to 1 litre per hour of running when running longer than an hour. If you’re running for less than an hour  then you most likely will not need to drink fluid along the way, but still use thirst as your guide.

If you are keen to accurately predict how much to drink throughout your race, weigh yourself before and after a training run of a similar distance. Every kilo lost in body weight is equivalent to one litre of fluid loss.

When to drink Aim to keep hydrated before your run to avoid a last-minute effort to gulp a large amount of fluid, and top up your fluids up during your run at aid stations as you fee thirsty.

What to drink There is evidence to suggest rehydration formulas might be a better choice than water during longer runs or in high humidity because they contain carbohydrates and electrolytes which may improve performance and absorption.

Practising your hydration strategy in training and heeding the signs your body is giving you, you will give yourself the best chances for success.

posted Friday June 14th