Beatie Deutsch became the first Haredi woman to win an international half marathon competition

Beatie Deutsch, 29, won Sunday’s Riga Half Marathon race in Latvia clocking 1:17:34 making her the first haredia to win an international competition.

The New Jersey native always runs in modest attire which includes a head covering, skirt and long sleeves.

“It felt truly incredible to be running through the streets as a proud Jewish woman,” Deutsch wrote on her Facebook page.

Deutsch won the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon and the Tiberias Marathon in January. She ran the Tel Aviv Marathon in 2017 while seven months pregnant.

“I began running in October 2015. I made my decision to train for my first marathon in desperation to get back into shape. I was always athletic and enjoyed sports, but having four children in six years, I just couldn’t find time to consistently exercise.”

Deutsch came in second the Jerusalem Half Marathon and is a candidate to train for the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

“I’m working with my own coach now that Israel is partially funding my training. I was accepted as a candidate to train for the Olympics. I would have to meet certain criteria to make it to the games in Tokyo 2020. It's a process and I have to take it step by step."

Juggling her family, running, work and religion is definitely a challenge, says Deutsch but it's one that she is up for.

"My whole life I wanted to do something for the Jewish people.  I work at OLAMI, an organization that brings college students closer to religion as well as helping professionals get in touch with their roots by coming to Israel.  It's amazing that I was able to combine my passions with the goal of bringing more unity to the Jewish people."

Beatie created more headlines when she won the Tiberias Marathon, known as the Israeli Championship; on January 4 with a time of 2:452.  This put her squarely on center stage as a potential Olympic athlete. 





posted Tuesday May 21st