Avoid these Seven mistakes when starting to get into running

Starting a running program is the best thing you can do for your health both mentally and pysically, when starting out avoid these mistakes  1. Overtraining: Start out easy and build up, don’t tackle all at once, no junk miles, quality miles. 2. Using improper form: follow your stride and focus on how you strike the ground, easy not aggresive 3. Not warming up: warm up the engine, unless in a race, on training run start easy and esatblish rythm 4.  Sticking to the same workout: plan routes and get into a habit of training, like brushing your teeth get the run in 5. Skipping strength training: work the core to avoid injuries 6. Not stretching out: Stretch before and after run 7. Not taking time to rest and recover: if feeling anything back off and rest it, a day off can avoid an injury and weeks to months off.  Enjoy your runs.  

posted Sunday May 27th