Did you know that in France and Italy all Runners need a medical release signed by a doctor to run a race?

I decided that I wanted to run a 20K Race in Paris while on a business and pleasure trip there.  The race is tomorrow May 27.  I tired to register on line but since everything was in French I decided weeks ago I would just sign up at Endurance Sports on Saturday.  I had noticed that it did say Runners needed a medical release signed by a doctor.  Being an American I thought that only applied to Runners living in France.  I had met Julie who worked at the front desk of our hotel in Paris.  Luckily she was a runner.  She called and was told that yes I needed to get a full exam from a doctor because I am over 50.  I would need to go to a hospital since it would have to be a complete physical.  In France and Italy you have to present a signed medical statement to run a Race.  It did not matter that I have run nearly 1000 races and regularly run 20 or more miles weekly.  Julie at the front desk made a few calls and because she does run races she came up with a solution.  I am racing 20K through Paris Sunday.  I really don’t feel this is a good requirement.  I think signing a waiver should be good enough.  If Julie was not a runner this would not have happen.  This is a heads up to those wishing to race in either France and Italy.  But also I think this requirement should be changed.    

posted Saturday May 26th
by Bob Anderson