Victoria Crisp, a 65-year-old veterinarian from Nashville, is the oldest elite runner at River Bank Run

The starting line of the 25K Fifth Third River Bank Run will be full of elite athletes, many of whom have set running records. Victoria Crisp, is the oldest elite runner in this year’s race. “I had early success and really liked it, so I never quit. I’ve been running since the ‘70s,” Crisp explained. This year marks her fourth year running in the Fifth Third River Bank Run. “I like the course. It’s relatively flat with one long grade, but it’s very scenic and very nice,” Crisp said. The first time she ran the race was in 2010 when she won her age group. Then in 2014 she set an American record. “It was a masters record time for my age group, 60-65. I think my time was 1:51:46 or something like that,” Crisp recalled. Someone eventually broke the record, but Crisp would love to set a new one — this time in a new age group.  She trains almost every day, averaging six miles most days with longer runs between 15 to 18 miles. Much like putting on her scrubs in her veterinary hospital, running is simply a part of her daily routine. “I feel like if I get my run in, the whole day's going to take care of itself and everything will be good,” she said.

posted Monday May 7th