A grandpa and grandson are running the Oklahoma Marathon for the 14th time

Thousands will run to remember at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon as runners reflect on the tragedy of April 19, 1995 when 168 were killed by the domestic terrorist bombing.  It's an event that has become symbolic for victims and survivors. It's also made a difference in the lives of Darrell Burnett and Benjamin Wilkins, a grandpa and grandson who are running in honor of a family member, for the 14th time. "It started when he was two. We decided that it would be a good thing and kind of like a tradition for us, and so we've tried to keep that going every year since then," said Burnett.  They say it doesn't matter how fast or hard you run, as long as the memory of those lost stays alive. "This isn't about running. You do not have to finish fast. You just have to remember them," said Wilkins.

posted Friday April 27th