Can’t Stand Black Coffee? Adding Milk May Decrease Inflammation.

A new study looks into the benefits of adding dairy to your morning cup of coffee

If your coffee ideal is one that includes a healthy dollop of milk, a recent study conducted by the University of Copenhagen may be of interest.

A team of researchers determined that the combination of milk and coffee – proteins and antioxidants – increases anti-inflammatory properties. Here’s a quick breakdown of the science:.

Polyphenols are compounds found in coffee (and other nutrient-dense foods) that lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and boost brain function. In the Copenhagen study, researchers examined the reaction between polyphenols in coffee beans and milk proteins.

They found that the two molecules bound together and became a powerhouse of inflammation defense. Therefore, the researchers concluded that drinking coffee with milk  has more anti-inflammatory benefits than sipping coffee alone. It’s important to note that the study concerns only milk and not creamer. No research has been conducted on the latter. 

Not a fan of dairy? There are other ways to increase the immune-boosting qualities of your morning cup.


Try sprinkling 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon into your cup in the morning. This spice is packed with antioxidants, may help lower blood sugar levels, and even lower cancer risk. Make sure you’re using true cinnamon and not cinnamon sugar.


A dash of nutmeg may help digestion, improve cognitive function, and, in some cases, relieve pain. Some studies suggest nutmeg may also improve sex drive.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen, whether it’s flavored or unflavored, mixes easily  into coffee and provides protein, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and more. Collagen may improve skin and hair, relieve joint pain and boost muscle mass.

posted Saturday March 18th
by Outside