This Military Wife Dropped 60 Pounds and now runs everyday

“I see my running as a way to make friends and live a healthy lifestyle.” says Audrey Walsh 31 year old mother of two boys. My kids were born fairly close together, and I found it difficult to chase after a toddler and deal with the exhaustion of pregnancy. My husband’s work schedule left me alone with the boys for very long days and sometimes all alone if he needed to travel. This led to my weight topping out at 185 pounds...I joined the Air Force after high school, and I mainly ran to pass the mandatory physical fitness tests...While my husband was deployed last year, I racked up more than 200 stroller miles with the double stroller. It was a lifesaver....Now I run every day. I’ve been run-streaking since October 17. Living in Spokane offers many opportunities to be active in the outdoors...I like racing because it gives me a solid goal to work toward. I’ve run Bloomsday but I run some smaller local races with a group called Trail Maniacs, too.

posted Saturday March 3rd
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