Is North Korea’s Kim Jung using the Olympics to spread his propaganda?

The IOC will facilitate participation by North Korean athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as it did at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, IOC President Thomas Bach says. “We have always applied strict political neutrality, and the same will be done for Tokyo 2020,” Bach said Friday. “North Korea decided to take part in the Winter Olympics despite soaring tensions over its nuclear weapons and missile programs. This reply was posted on the Japan Times website, “ They should be banned... I'm sure that murderer Kim Jung is willing to pay plenty for an international stage for his propaganda. A North Korean watchdog group posted, “North Korea may have sent an official delegation of athletes, Kim Jong-un’s sister, and a large group of identically dressed female “cheerleaders” to the 2018 Winter Olympics, but an ordinary citizen of the communist country has yet to have access to any coverage of the events.” North Korea sent 22 athletes to Pyeongchang as part of a charm offensive after months of bellicose rhetoric and provocative missile launches.

posted Sunday February 18th