Be patient, stay light, and keep springing! Is what Camille told herself at her first single Track Trail race

My second trail race and first time to ever run up a mountain on single track trail was two years ago at the White River 50. There's two long climbs, about ten miles each. I was intimidated on the first climb and let all the men go. I started crying when we got above the clouds cause it was so beautiful!  My favorite part was coming back down and all the runners coming up cheering us on! On the second climb (at 26-27 mi), I saw RD Scott McCoubrey at the bottom and he yelled out, "Be patient on this climb Camille!" That made me relax, and I got my second wind. I climbed it like a monkey, passing several men and hardly ever stopping to walk. It felt amazing! "Be patient, stay light, and keep springing!" is what I told myself. I hammered the Sun Top Road descent. Then I took a wrong turn and went about a mile off course. I missed the Course Record by 4 1/2 min.. That didn't matter though- I was hooked on trailrunning and had the confidence now that, "I can do this!"

posted Thursday May 10th
by Camille Herron