Why the Color of Your Water Bottle Matters

For 15 years, Hydro Flask has taken colors very seriously. Turns out, science agrees.Every color tells a story. Green is never just green, nor is blue ever just blue. It’s the flash of sunlight on an alpine lake or the underside of a cloud on a spring morning. It’s a snapshot of a place, a memory, a feeling.

At least, that’s how Hydro Flask sees things. The Bend, Oregon–based hydration brand, which pioneered the vacuum-insulated water bottle back in 2009, has always taken a unique approach to color, with palettes drawn from nature and designed to evoke feelings of our favorite outdoor memories. Like a smell or sound, color can snap you back into a memorable moment or place.But that’s not all color can do. Just think about choosing the paint for your bedroom or house, or the shade of your favorite shirt. Color is a powerful force, and researchers who study color psychology say colors can change your mood and even shape your thinking. That means blue tones, for example, could make you more relaxed, more tranquil, and more creative.

Maybe that’s why we intuitively pay close attention to the products we use, the clothes we wear, and the style we cultivate. The combinations are a way to express our personal style, and Hydro Flask water bottles and tumblers, with their carefully crafted hues, offer the perfect accessory to add a bit of everyday color.And color could even have an effect on your health. Consider this: the importance of hydration to overall well-being is well documented, and the latest research suggests proper hydration is linked to healthier aging as well. Could a colorful water bottle help you with your hydration goals?

“Absolutely,” says Dena Blevins, creative director at Hydro Flask. “You’re more likely to use something that you like and makes you feel good about using it. It’s a reflection of your style, of who you are, and an extension of your personality.” It may also be easier to stay hydrated if your bottle reminds you of nature and staying healthy.

So it appears Hydro Flask was on to something when it made color development an essential design tenet when the brand was founded 15 years ago. Since then, Hydro Flask has plucked hues from landscapes across the United States—from the lush coasts of Hawaii to the sunlit sandstone of the desert Southwest. Now, the company is turning its gaze to its own backyard in Oregon.“We are very fortunate to be surrounded by incredible views and landscape that inspire creativity in our everyday,” says Blevins. Hydro Flask’s home state hosts a stunning variety of landscapes, from temperate rainforest to alpine tundra to high desert. Along the western coast, clouds cast deep purple shadows across the sea. Silvery rainfall waters verdant stands of old-growth trees. Farther inland, brilliant sunlight filters through evergreen needles, calling attention to pastel-pink flowers along the forest floor. Oregon’s landscapes provide a constant source of awe and inspiration.The most vibrant color in the new lineup, Cascade was inspired by the crisp, soothing blue of the alpine lakes that dot the North Cascade Range. They’re a sight to behold and an experience to be felt. Take a dip in the icy water, and you’ll remember the exhilarating chill long after you warm up (especially during a group swim with friends). Fed by glacial snowmelt, these lakes get their otherworldly color from the fine rock dust, sometimes called glacial flour, suspended in the water. The tiny particles scatter incoming sunlight, casting the lakes in a vibrant turquoise. In the Cascades, lakes serve as a welcome finish line for many grueling hikes. They symbolize life, vitality, and triumph.

This calming, powdered rose hue is inspired by the distinctive trillium blooms that speckle Oregon forests with a soft glow. The flower is one of the season’s first and signals the end of the long winter. It’s a sign of hope and joy as well as grace—the blooms perch at the end of long, slender stalks that sway gently in the spring breeze. Wherever you live, get out for a hike in the spring and look for wildflowers and other signs of renewal. It’s a great way to mark the transition from winter to spring and get energized for a new season outdoors.

Oregon’s plentiful rainfall feeds lush woodlands. This color mimics the deep green of Oregon’s old-growth forests, home to 1,000-year-old trees. Just plant yourself at the base of one of these towering giants and look up—there’s nothing like feeling small in a really big way. Throughout the centuries, these ancient groves have protected and nurtured both people and wildlife alike, and you’ll feel the forest’s comfort and strength just by walking through it.Hydro Flask® is the leader in high-performance insulated products that help people enjoy the things they love to do in the places they love to be. From the number one–selling water bottle to soft goods innovations like the Day Escape™ Soft Coolers to the Outdoor Kitchen dining collection, Hydro Flask’s delightfully simple designs and go-anywhere durability deliver the perfect temperature when you need it. Founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask inspires active outdoor lives with two simple words: Let’s go! Its giving program, Parks for All, supports nonprofit organizations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, and investing in public green spaces so people everywhere can live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives. To learn more about Hydro Flask and Parks for All, and to see the full lineup of award-winning products, visit football fans have something to teach trail runners, skimo racers, and other competitive athletes

posted Saturday February 10th
by Outside Magazine