Water running is great for both training and injury rehabilitation

If you are a runner, you have probadly experienced an injury, muscle strain, or a pain in your joints and bones. 

Deep water running, involves a slow running in a swimming pool. the pool is deep enough that your feet cannot  touch the bottom. it is an excellent impact-free cross training for those looking for rehabilitation after an injury. 

This rehabilitation tool allows you to recover from injuries without losing your fitnees . Not only does deep water running help you deal with an injury, but it can also help prevent injuries. Athletes of all sorts can attain the benefits of deep water running. 

It can also help with improving running form and decreasing the risk of sustaining injuries by reducing the stress of running on hard surfaces.

Submerged in the water you will have resistance on all sides. This forces opposing muscles to work equally. As you move your arms and legs against the resistance of the water, you will get a great cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Adding additional hydro devices, such as socks, dumbbells, paddles, and gloves allows you to vary your effort and intensity.

It is also a way to work on technique. With water running, you can increase resistance and effort while reducing mileage and the risk of injury. It's also a way to ease exercise boredom. You can get a good workout at the pool instead of putting in miles on the road, especially in summer or winter when the weather isn't welcoming. If it's raining outside, you may enjoy getting wet in the pool instead.

Unlike ciclyng versus working on an elliptical machine in the gym, the range of motion and muscles use during deep water running is almost the same as actual jogging/running. Deep water running has the same cardiovascular demands as if you were running on a hard surface at an easy to moderate pace.

Deep water running is also an effective alternative to outdoor running during the extremely humid and hot days.

Water provides an extra resistance  because of its higher viscosity than the air, wich means it is more difficult to move in the water than on dry land. The calories burned while doing deep water running are even greater than an ordinary run. This makes it an excellent exercise for those looking to avoid weight gain while they take time off from their regular running routine.

posted Thursday June 6th