Vitamins for runners that improve performance and body´s recovery

Since vitamins perform hundreds of tasks for your body, they are hugely important for health and wellbeing. Tiredness, poor digestion, brittle bones and memory problems are just some of the problems linked with vitamin deficiency. Vitamin D is essential in helping calcium build strong bones. The vitamin also helps regulate the immune system and neuromuscular system. Vitamin B12 is rare in plant-based foods, this type of deficiency is particularly common in vegetarian and vegan diets. B12 helps with energy, by contributing to the production of red blood cells. It also aids in digestion, and deficiency can lead to symptoms like fatigue, a sore red tongue and yellowing of the skin. Vitamin A contributes to normal vision and skin health, and is important in bolstering the immune system. However, consuming too much vitamin A can lead to brittle bones. Good sources of vitamin A include oily fish, liver products milk and eggs. The body can naturally convert beta-carotene into vitamin A, so consuming plenty of yellow, red and green vegetables can provide enough vitamin A, too. Potassium helps your heart, nerves and muscles to work properly. You can become deficient in potassium due to a brief stomach illness, or due to longer-term conditions like eating disorders and kidney disease. Your body uses vitamin B6 every day, for movement, memory, energy conversion and blood flow. There is even some evidence to suggest B6 can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and act as a natural pain remedy. The best food sources include turkey breast, pistachio nuts, avocado and grass-fed beef. You can also take supplements to prevent many common maladies and optimize health and help you as a runner.  

posted Monday October 1st