Visibility is the first step in staying safe when you go out for a run alongside traffic

If you are a runner, you understand there are risks when running alongside traffic. It can be challenging for a driver to see a pedestrian because of the way the brain and the eyes relay messages to one another. A human takes up a smaller portion of the visual field, so it might take a double take for the driver to perceive that it is an individual. You can do some extra things to make yourself more visible when you are running alongside traffic. 1.-Dress in Bright Colors, When you are going out for a run, be careful about what you wear. Some colors will blend in with the landscape. Fluorescent colors will help you stand out. 2.- Obey Traffic Laws, Traffic laws were enacted for a reason. They are designed to keep people safe. Be familiar with the traffic laws and adhere to them to help reduce the chance of an accident. 3.- Reflective Clothing, If you are running at night, you better take extra precautions. This means, you need to be decked out with reflectors. Wear a reflective safety vest, put reflective tape across your chest and back and even along your legs. 4.- Carry a Flashlight, A flashlight is also important. If you are out before dawn or after dusk, carry a flashlight. 5.- Run Toward Traffic, Pedestrians are supposed to walk facing traffic. The same goes for runners. When you are running toward traffic, you will be able to see the cars and where they are headed. 6.- Run in Areas That are Well Lit, If you are running at night, you want to make sure you are running in areas that are well lit. "Always put your safety first. Remember, visibility is the first step in staying safe when you go out for a run. Make sure you take every step you possibly can to ensure your safety and to make sure you stand out, so drivers will notice you."

posted Monday June 18th