Three days after her 75th birthday, Jeannie Rice runs 3:33 at Boston Marathon

Three days after her 75th birthday, Jeannie Rice of Mentor, Ohio, added the women’s 75+ age group world marathon record to her impressive resume, winning her age category at the 2023 Boston Marathon by 20 minutes and crossing the line in 3:33:15.

Rice not only beat the previous record of 3:38:56, held by Norway’s Vera Nystad. She also beat Nystad in the race, who finished second to Rice in 3:53:52. Nystad is three years older than Rice, and originally set the record at age 77, when she ran 3:38 at the 2022 Berlin Marathon.

This masters record isn’t Rice’s first over the marathon distance. She also holds the women’s 70+ record of 3:27:50 from the 2018 Chicago Marathon. Her time of 3:38 is remarkable, and it shows that age really is just a number. 

Rice averaged a mind-blowing five minutes per kilometre pace for 42.2 kilometres at age 75. That’s eight and a half consecutive 25-minute 5 Ks. 

Rice considers herself a snowbird, as she lives and trains in her hometown of Mentor, Ohio for six months of the year before heading to Naples, Fla., for six months every winter.

This is Rice’s second marathon in the last six weeks. In March, she won the women’s 70+ age category at the 2023 Tokyo Marathon in 3:31:22 to receive her six-star finisher medal–completing all six Abbott World Marathon Majors.

posted Friday April 21st
by Marley Dickinson