The Kinder’s have been married for 61 years and are running the Oklahoma City Marathon again

Bob and Betty Kinder stuck out from the crowd of 26,000 runners who took part in the 2017 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. While they didn't win the race, they won the hearts of people around the country. Bob and Betty Kinder have been married for almost 61 years. Bob is 89-years-old, and Betty will be 85-years-old later this month. In 2017, the couple crossed the finish line and quickly became an Internet sensation. "She had had open heart surgery before the race and I was really worried about her," Bob Kinder said. They were photographed crossing the finish line holding hands, with Bob wearing a 'Sexy Old Fart' hat. "I had a hat that said 'Grouchy Old Fart' and I was deplaning in Denver. The stewardess said, 'Oh, you`re not grouchy, you're more sexy than grouch. And I well had to have a hat, had to have a sexy. I'm not going to argue with a stewardess, especially a nice looking one like she was," he said. "Some days he's real grouchy and I tell him to use the other hat," Betty laughed. They say they have been practicing by walking at least three times a week, and hope to make a better time this year. "We weren't last, there were people behind us," Betty said. "I want to keep walking. Make darn sure I'm still able to get up and get around," Bob said. "I wouldn't want somebody to holler, 'Breakfast is ready!' and not be able to get there." "You're only old once you start feeling old," Bob added.

posted Monday April 23rd