The Hottest Race On Earth happens June 16 in Scottsdale where temperatures have reached as high as 122F degrees

Hoping to claim some of the prize money from the most lucrative road race in Arizona, Jim Walmsley, has registered to compete in Scottsdale Beat the Heat taking place on June 16 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Hottest Race on Earth, is a 5k and 10.22-kilometer race taking place during the middle of the day.  The hottest day ever recorded in the Phoenix metro area (June 26, 1990), when the temperatures reached 122F degrees. Some of Walmsley’s career highlights include: UltraRunning Magazine and Runner’s World 2016 Ultra Runner of the Year and UltraRunning Magazine’s 2017 Ultra Runner of the Year, the fastest record for running across the Grand Canyon and back, plus many more. “This is definitely going to be a completely different race than anything I have ever run before,” said Walmsley. “With the race taking place in the middle of the day with a start time of 2:47pm, I am training and looking forward to the challenge of the extreme Arizona summer temperatures.” The first race was held in 2013 and 1,300 runners braved the hot temperatures.  There is $8,000 of prize money. With temperatures potentially this hot all runners should be prepared to run in hot weather. 

posted Tuesday May 8th