The 22nd Nagano Marathon was trying to make it work but in the end like so many other races they have cancelled their marathon for 2020

The Nagano Marathon was one of the few major races in world in April featured by My Best Runs that had not been cancelled or postponed.  "Like so many other races they tried to make it happen," says Bob Anderson, MBR director, "but in the end COVID 19 won the battle. Today the Marathon organizers posted the following message on their wesite. 

"The Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee (composed of Japanese Olympic Committee, Japan Association of Athletics Federations, Nagano Prefecture, Nagano City and The Shinano Mainichi Shimbun / Co-host: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)/ Superintendence: Nagano Athletic Association) had the meeting on 25th March and has decide to cancel the 22nd Nagano Marathon planned to held in Nagano City on 19th April, 2020.

This is the decision to put utmost priority to safety and prevent spread of new-coronavirus (COVID-19) in the situation in which the end of the pandemic has not yet been seen.

The Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee has considered the measures to hold the race safely with carefully watching ever-changing world situation, cooperating with respective related organizations.

However, The Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee has thought the risk of infections cannot be excluded completely for this race in which approximately ten thousand runners will participate and there are many chances for runners, volunteers who support the race, staffs and spectators along the course to get together.

The numbers of runners for the 22nd Nagano Marathons are 10,743 runners for domestic general entry, 392 runners for foreign general entry, 30 runners for visually impaired person’s entry and 11,217 runners in total together with guest runners and corporate team’s runners.

The Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee is considering specific ways to address to the runners and will inform you at a later date.

Thank you very much for your understanding and kind cooperation for Nagano Marathon.

posted Wednesday March 25th
by Race Organizers