Tanaka Holdings will produce and donate Pure Gold, Pure Silver, and Pure Bronze Medals to the top three men and women finishers at the Tokyo Marathon valued over $100,000US

Twelve medals produced and donated by Tanaka Holdings are pure gold, silver, and bronze will be awarded again to the top three men and women finishers of the marathon and wheelchair marathon events of the Tokyo Marathon 2019.

The Tokyo Marathon 2019, organized by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, will be held on March 3, 2019. 

These medals made from pure gold, silver, and bronze, make their rarities of considerable value even among medals presented at sports competitions. The medals to be presented to the marathon winners are approximately 65 mm in diameter. The pure gold medal weighs approximately 200 grams, the pure silver medal approximately 110 grams, and the pure bronze medal approximately 90 grams. 

The spiral expanding out from the heart expresses this sense of excitement, of expectation. The medal ribbons have the motif of the marathon logo. The marathon logo is formed like a tapestry, created by weaving together strands that express each individual person, whether a runner, a volunteer, or a spectator. The reverse sides of the gold, silver, and bronze medals that will be presented to the top three winners of each marathon event depict the course map and the Tanaka Kikinzomu Group logo.

These medals express the dreams and vigor of people as we move from the current year of 2019, to the future year of 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held.

These 12 medals have a value of over $100,000US not even taking into consideration of how rare they will be.  The current value of 200 grams of 24k gold is $8673US.  Within a few years these rare medals could be valued will above these numbers.  


posted Wednesday February 20th