Steve Bassan was told 16 years ago that he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair now is running his 100th marathon

A 65-year-old man who was told that he would need to prepare to spend his life in a wheelchair is set to tackle his 100th marathon in Manchester UK next month. 16 years ago, doctors told Steve Bassam that his rheumatoid arthritis had become so severe that he would be unable to walk, yet, remarkably, by 2004, his condition was in remission – which is when he discovered running. Sunday April 8 will be a very special day for Steve, he selected the Manchester Marathon to be his 100th marathon. Steve completed his first 5k after being informed that his condition had gone into remission and, two years later, completed his first marathon. At the finish line, he saw someone wearing a ‘100 marathon club’ jersey and thought to himself, 'that’s my new ambition'. “I became driven by the ambition to run 100 marathons,” says Steve. “I have chosen Manchester to be my 100th as it is my local marathon, and will be supported by many of my friends from the Middleton Harriers Running Club, the Club I am a member.”

posted Friday March 30th