Seoul Marathon Has Been Canceled Due to Coronavirus

The 2020 Seoul Marathon has been canceled due to the coronavirus. In some good news for those registered, full refunds will be given to all runners.

The 2020 Seoul Marathon was scheduled to take place on March 22 and now, a bit less than 3 weeks from the start date, the organizers of the Seoul Marathon have decided to cancel this year’s running of the event.

Unlike Tokyo Marathon, the Seoul Marathon will be issuing refunds to all runners. Here is their statement on this matter:

2020 Seoul Marathon cancellation and refund, Seoul Marathon Organizing Committee is officially announcing the cancellation of 2020 Seoul Marathon due to the outbreak of COVID-19. There will be a full refund for every participant. If you have paid with a credit/debit card, a refund will be automatically made. If you have paid with a wire transfer, please leave your bank account detail as you apply for a refund on our official website. It might take a while for the refund to be processed. Thank you for your understanding and hope you all be safe and healthy.

This is definitely going to be a disappointment to the 44,000 runners that were set to participate in the various events for the Seoul Marathon. However, I have to say that the organizers did a great job with this.

First of all, they cancelled it before the taper for runners would begin. This can help those that were planning on running to keep their running  program going as they look for another event. The second thing was that they are giving a full refund. They still would have had to make outlays for many things leading up to the marathon but they are not taking that out of the pockets of the people who registered.

Both of those things are likely to go a long way in creating some loyalty from runners who were signed up for this year. Also, while I am sure that many runners would have preferred a longer wait-and-see mode, I think it was the right call to cancel it now.

South Korea has been hit hard already with the coronavirus in terms of numbers compared to other countries and they likely would have seen many runners either not want to come or unable to come for the race. This is due to things like countries warning against travel there right now due to the coronavirus.

posted Thursday March 5th