Porta-potties stolen at New Zealand marathon

On June 5, thousands of dollars in porta-potties were stolen from the inaugural Selwyn Marathon held in Christchurch, New Zealand. The race organizers reported several portable toilet rentals were stolen off the course after the race took place.

According to the local paper Star News, the toilets were all accounted for on the course during the race and seemed to be stolen after the race concluded. “Hosting races costs thousands and thousands of dollars,” says race director John Moore. “When you have to turn around and pay thousands of dollars for stolen equipment, it’s ridiculous.”

The grey porta-potties were stolen off Old Tai Tapu Road, located off the Akaroa Highway, just outside Christchurch. Race organizers have not located the porta-potties or any suspects.

“It’s straight-up theft,” Moore said to Star News. “Whether it is a contractor who wants a toilet in their yard or thinks oh they won’t miss it or think its a joke, but it’s not a joke.”

The marathon course was run on a two-loop course of 21.1 km, starting and finishing at the Selwyn Events Centre.

The portable toilets weren’t the only things stolen; four 30 km to 50 km speed signs, four stopsign paddles, as well as numerous kilometre markers and traffic cones also went missing. The total value of the missing gear reported to police is about $4,000.

posted Saturday June 11th
by Running Magazine