Nike will release a carbon-plated trail shoe

Nike will release its first carbon-plated trail shoe – the ACG Mountain Fly. This futuristic (almost Yeezy-looking) shoe has a Gore-Tex upper to keep water at bay and a React midsole, coupled with a carbon plate for stiffness and propulsion.

This is a shoe that’s designed to be weatherproof. This shoe is part of Nike’s new ACG all-conditions gear line.

For trail runners, a solid outsole is a key detail that the ACG takes care of. This shoe features a hard rubber that wraps up around the big toe for ample protection and uses thick lugs on a sticky outsole for a strong grip. The upper is also unique with its turtleneck-like ankle cover and new enclosure system.

The lacing system doesn’t require the user to tie their shoes – in fact, the laces are hidden under the Gore-Tex. All they have to do is pull or loosen, and they’re on their way. 

While the Mountain Fly seems geared toward the trail runner, it could also certainly be used as a winter running shoe for those who live in harsher climates. If you’re someone who’s looking for a versatile cold-weather shoe, this could be your perfect buy. At $285 CAD ($217US),  it’s also slightly more affordable than Nike’s top-end carbon-plated racing shoes. 

One caution about this shoe: while its stack height is certainly lower than the company’s road racers, it still appears a little higher than other trail shoes. If you’re new to roots, rocks and unsteady footing, maybe opt for a shoe that sits a little lower to the ground until you’re comfortable with your new running surface. The shoe will be available on next Thursday. 

posted Saturday November 14th
by Madeleine Kelly