My Best Runs helped tell the world about the photo finish at the 2018 Illinois Marathon

The top two finishers at last year's Illinois Marathon were both clocked at 2:21:03.  The finish line judges gave the win to 22-year-old Tesfaalem Mehari and 39-year-old Wilson Chemweno was second.  My Best Runs helped tell the world about this exciting finish.  My Best Runs published the leader board results just as soon as they were official.  Race director Jan Seeley had decided to have her race featured and followed by My Best Runs (MBR) months before.  "We only feature the best, most interesting and unique races," says MRB founder Bob Anderson, "Jan's race is the type of event we want to share with our over 50,000 unique visitors."  MBR is supported by races.  "Jan recently signed up for another year and we appreciate her support along with our many other race directors," says Manuel Juarez, MBR sales manager.  MBR was started by lifetime runner Bob Anderson, the founder and publisher of Runner's World Magazine (from 1966 to 1984) and at age 70 Bob is still running 35 miles weekly and racing at sub 8 pace.  "My Best Runs is for runners who love races," says Bob Anderson. "We are helping race directors publicize their race, and our website helps visitors find races from around the world without having to spend hours searching the Internet.  It is now in one place. This is much more than just a race listing," says Lisa Wall, MBR social media director.  MBR features Photos, Videos, Course Maps, registration link, Leader Board Results, prize money, race write ups, background info and current race stats. "Our editorial team will put this all together for you and post your results as soon as they are official, keeping your race updated every step of the way," says Michael Anderson, media director.  As news becomes available, your race will also be featured in our column Running News Daily and in our weekly newsletter.  "We want to tell more people around the world about your race," says Bob.  Contact Manuel Juarez from more details at 650-209-7820 or write  "We appreciate your support. This is a win-win situation and we can have your race up within 24 hours at a reasonable cost," says Jamie Sanchez, MBR content manager.

posted Wednesday October 3rd