Merry Christmas to all our My Best Runs followers from Bob Anderson and staff

We have been up here in Bend Oregon visiting my son and his family since Friday. Michael Anderson is our results editor and post results as soon as they become available.  Sometimes it is as soon as the first runners are crossing the finish line. 

Michael (top photo) have carved out many running courses around his house.  We have already run 22.2 miles since Friday and will at least get in three miles today.  

It did snow last night and there is at least an inch on the ground. We had hoped to get in seven but we also have to leave for the airport by 1pm.  

Last Christmas Michael lived in Eugene and we ran the Pre Trail Christmas morning.  

We have been running on Christmas Day forever.  When Michael lived in the Bay Area I would run with my daughter Lisa and her family and then run with Michael in the afternoon.  

Lisa (second photo) and family lives in San Jose, California.  She is our social media and newsletter editor.  We celebrated Xmas with them before heading up to Oregon.

Both of my kids have run marathons, my wife has run a half marathon and many other races but after operations on both feet can’t run now (However she workouts at the gym these days) and all my four grandkids run even including my two year old.  Owen age 12 have already run a 5:36 mile.  My son-in-law Justin has run a 1:27 half marathon.

We are a running family and have been forever.  There is no better day to get outside and get in a few miles.

Two other member of our full time crew is Jaime and Manuel.  They work at our office in La Piedad.  We went out for a run when I was down there and Manuel and I ran a 5k race there.

Gary Allen (Marathon Man Gary Allen) and Larry Allen (Larry Allen on Running) have signed on yo do regular writing for us sharing their many years of running with us.  I am sure they will be getting out and getting in a few miles today.

Willie Korir is located in Nairobi, Kenya and has been sharing insights into what makes many runners in Kenya superstars.  He has also run and logged 1800 miles for our three Run The World Challenges.

Our third Run The World team is not too far off of running and logging enough miles to circle the planet for the third time.  I am so proud of our team. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone.    Be sure to get out today and let’s all make 2019 a super year.  I know this is our plan here at My Best Runs.


posted Tuesday December 25th
by Bob Anderson