Mark Messmer runs a PR to win the 2018 Missoula Marathon

The winner of Sunday's Missoula Marathon knows the area well. Mark Messmer, the former Missoula Sentinel Spartan, took first in the men's 2018 Missoula Marathon. Messmer ran the marathon in 2:27, a personal record.“I feel like I never reached my full potential in college, definitely not in high school,” said Messmer. “And it was always the longer the race the better, so moving up into the marathon was kind of just a natural progression for me.” Keeley Baker, who finished second in the 2017 race, took first place on Sunday. Missoula's Trisha Drobeck finished second.  Keeley victory makes it a clean sweep for Montanans in the 2018 Missoula Marathon.

posted Monday July 16th