Man Wants to run a marathon in every European country to help his friend with M.E.

Over 4,800 people applied for the Malta Marathon - but for one man from the UK, this marathon is much more than a test of his endurance. "I’ve completed 14 marathons so far (UK, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, France, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Netherlands and Slovenia) with 15 left to go," he said. That's why Mike is currently running around Europe to complete 29 marathons to help raise money and awareness for biomedical research to find a cure for M.E. It was 10 years ago when Mike Harley's best friend Ian was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or M.E. this is the only way I feel I can help him, by running marathons," said Mike.

posted Monday February 19th