Kenyans Kipngetich and Chembai were the winners of the 42nd edition of Göteborgsvarvet

Edmond Kipngetich and Susan Chembai – those are the names of the winners of the 42nd edition of Göteborgsvarvet.

“I didn’t expect to win, but I am really happy I did,” said Chembai, who crossed the finish line 20 seconds before the runner-up.

Four male and two female runners came to Sweden with personal bests under the current course records at Götebortsvarvet, but no new records were broken this day. However, Edmond Kipngetich finished first of the 40,000 participants and Susan Chembai was the first woman to reach Slottsskogsvallen.

Edmond Kipngetich, with a personal best an impressive 59:25 from last year, was in the lead at each of the split times and crossed the finish line at 1:01:46, 40 seconds before his fellow countryman Braved Kiprop and another 58 seconds before Alex Kibet, the runner in the starting field with the best personal best.

“It was tough today, but it felt great to win. The course was tougher than I thought and I had to fight hard, but was stronger than the others today,” he said.

First among the runners competing for Swedish clubs was Samuel Russom (Hässelby SK). The Eritrean citizen finished sixth at 1:04:04 and was the best non-Kenyan. David Nilsson from Högby IF was the best Swedish citizen, six seconds before Archie Casteel (Spårvägens FK).

In the women’s class four Kenyans and two Ethiopians took the first six positions. The best of them was Susan Chembai who was 20 seconds ahead of the runner up, finishing on 1;10:40. As predicted Hanna Lindholm was the best Swedish runner, finishing seventh, more than one minute and two positions in front of Johanna Larsson from Örgryte IS.

posted Wednesday May 17th