Kenyan Rodgers Kwemoi wins CZ Tilburg Ten while Galen Rupp finishes third

The Kenyan Rodgers Kwemoi won the CZ Tilburg Ten Miler for the third time in a row.  He finished in a very fast time of 45:23. Second was the Kenyan Noah Kipkemboi in 45 minutes and 47 seconds. Third was two-time Olympic medalist Galen Rupp (USA) in 46:23. Khalid Choukoud was the first Dutchman to cross the finish line and scored a time of 47:52. Kwemoi and Kipkemboi walked together for a long time, with Kipkemboi leading up to 10 km. That went so hard that they were up to 9 km on the track of the best world performance ever.That is also the course record of Haile Gebrselassie in Tilburg with 44:23. The summer weather ensured that the pace could not stay that high. Kwemoi was the first to cross the finish line and is the first athlete to win the CZ Tilburg Ten Miles three times in a row. Galen Rupp's time of 46:23 was just ten seconds off the American record (46:13) set by Greg Meyer in 1983.  

posted Monday September 3rd