Joe Sinclair is preparing for his sixth Marine Corps Marathon

Fast forward at age 72, and Sinclair is readying for his sixth Marine Corps Marathon in Washington.  He now has run more than 200 marathons and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Despite the miles he’s put in other races, the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be run on Oct. 28 this year, is his favorite. “It’s spectacular, mind-blowing,” he said. “It and Boston are the top marathons. You’ve got 30,000 runners from all over the world.” The MCM also has time limits that must be met at several stages or the runner is pulled from the race. That, Sinclair said, gives him incentives to reach all along the 26-mile route. He said the entire race is inspiring, from the support staff along the way to the members of the military branches who are running or taking part in the race.

posted Wednesday October 10th