High humidity is going to be achallenge for the 74,000 runners at Hong Kong Marathon

Weather forecast says the maximum humidity could reach 95 per cent with temperatures set to reach 21 degrees Celsius. Experts have warned that high humidity will affect the runners at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon as the annual distance running showpiece takes to the streets on Sunday morning.

Hong Kong Observatory forecast says the maximum humidity on event day could go as high as 95 per cent while the maximum temperature could be 21 degrees Celsius.

Professor Patrick Yung Shue-hang, a sports medicine expert and chairman of orthopaedics and traumatology at the Chinese University, said the conditions would be difficult for the runners.

“The main worry is the high humidity,” he said. “Coupled with a relatively warm temperature, there may be difficulties in heat dissipation for the runners, and a possibility of higher energy demand, which may result in fatigue, muscle cramp, syncope or even heatstroke.”

The doctor said the participants should wear sports gear that allows good ventilation for heat evaporation and replace fluids regularly during the race because extra energy will be required in the humid conditions.

“They should always pay attention to their physical condition. If it gets worse during the race, they better stop and rest,” said the expert.

posted Saturday February 16th