Halifax man completes run across Canada in 99 days

Ryan Keeping ran from St. Johns to Victoria in 99 days to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

As a touching tribute to one man’s hero, Terry Fox, and to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Ryan Keeping of Halifax has run across Canada in 99 days. On Sunday, July 7, Keeping completed his 7,386-kilometer trans-Canada journey in Victoria, running more than 75 kilometers daily and raising more than $200,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Keeping began his journey on April 1 in St. John’s, intending to end in Victoria within 100 days. He says his goal was not to chase any records, but to meet amazing people, hear the stories of Canadians along the way and raise money for a cause close to his heart.

“This wasn’t about a record, a time, or bragging rights,” Keeping wrote about his achievement. “This was about Canada, the children, and the amazing people along the way. The interactions throughout the 99 days changed my life forever, and I thank everyone for that. I am forever grateful for this journey, and I hope we can all take a lesson from this, that anything is possible, whether you’re a couch potato or an athlete.”

Like his hero, Fox, Keeping had a reason for his cross-country run. Several of his family members, including his dad and his grandfather, have been affected by heart disease. Recently, both of his siblings have tested positive for the gene causing heart issues. His decision to run across Canada to raise funds and awareness was to help other families like his, who have been affected by heart disease.

Keeping ran through nine of Canada’s 10 provinces, holding meet-and-greets and running events as he passed major cities: Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. He celebrated his finish by pouring a jug of water from the Atlantic into the Pacific Ocean. “It’s what Terry wanted, and I’m happy to say I could honor my run for him,” said Keeping.

posted Monday July 8th
by Marley Dickison