Gorecka and Berglund were the Pro winners at the 33rd Annual Carlsbad 5000

The 33rd Annual Carlsbad 5000 was run under perfect weather conditions. In the Pro Women Race Emelia Gorecka from England was the overall winner posting 16:00. The next two were Americans: Alycia Cridebring (16:17) and Emily Myers (16:21). Emelia said "I was stoked for the blazing sun. Stoked for the epic crowds and stoked to take the W... Stoked is my new favourite word." She is training in Flagstaff...For the Pro men Kalle Berglund was the overall winner posting 14:15. Second from USA was Gebre Abadi (14:18) and third was Ole Hesselerg (14:24). In the Master's Race, Neville Davey was the overall winner in 15:20 and Nancy James-Klinger was the Master's women winner with 18:43. (These times are unofficial)

posted Sunday March 25th