Get faster with this inverted pyramid workout, inject some speed into your training with this fun, challenging interval session

You may think it odd to include a mile-focused track workout in your training plan when your main focus is road racing, but sometimes, an injection of speed is exactly what you need to keep your training fresh and exciting. This inverted pyramid workout will get your legs moving and help build your top-end speed so that when you hit the roads, you’ve got an extra gear to tap into when you need it.

The workout

This workout starts off with longer, slower intervals and works its way down so the shortest, fastest segments are done in the middle of the set. The middle of a race is often when runners lose focus, so the design of this workout helps teach you how to stay honest and on pace during that time.

The workout finishes by climbing back up the pyramid and ends with the same longer intervals that you started with. Doing the longer portions at the end of the workout when you’re already tired will work on the mental and physical toughness you will need to run strong right through to the finish line.

To make this workout more challenging, you can double up the 800’s or the 200’s (or both, for those who really want a challenge). Just remember, the pacing is the most important part of this workout, so if you can’t increase the number of intervals while still hitting the correct paces, you should leave it as-is.

Warmup: 15-20 minute easy jog, followed by form drills and strides

Workout: 1 x 800m @5K pace / 2 min rest / 2 x 400m @1,500m pace / 2 min rest / 2 x 200m @800m pace / 2 min rest / 2 x 400m @ 1,500m pace / 1 x 800m @5K pace

Cooldown: 10-15 minute easy jog, followed by light stretching

posted Friday January 14th
by Brittany Hambleton