Future Missoula Marathons will be held in June because of the threat of summer wildfires

This year's Missoula Marathon is still on for July 15. However race dates starting 2019 are going to be move prompted by the threat posed by summer wildfires.  A June marathon date allows for better air quality for participants. Race Director Tony Banovich said in a press release, "We're concerned about the trend we've seen with earlier and earlier starts to the fire season in the northwest United States.  As we've seen over the last several years, the air quality can degrade to the point of causing outdoor events to be cancelled," says Tony Banovich.   The 2019 Missoula Marathon will be held June 0, 2019; and the 2020 marathon is scheduled for June 28, 2020. The marathon is held in conjunction with a half marathon, a 5K, and a Kids Marathon. 

posted Friday June 22nd