Former Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is running the Boston Marathon for the 21st time

“I hope I set a good example for all those in law enforcement. That even after 38 years, I’m still running.”

William Evans is once again gearing up to run the Boston Marathon.

This year marks the 21st time the former Boston police commissioner will compete in the event.

It will be his 54th marathon overall, and the 60-year-old’s first Boston Marathon since he retired from the Boston Police Department last year to helm the Boston College Police Department. 

Asked about his favorite part of the course?  “The end — when I finish obviously! 

“No, the best part — I’ll always remember it. My first marathon I ever did for Boston, I did a 2:53 believe it or not, but I’ll always remember coming up Hereford Street. I think for every runner that’s a special time because you take that left onto Boylston and finally you see the crowds, you hear the roar. And you see the finish line. And I remember it brought tears to my eyes the first time I accomplished that. 

“So the favorite part for me is when you take that right off of Comm. Ave., going up Hereford, and then finally taking that left onto Boylston. Because there’s no crowd like Boston. There’s no excitement like it. To come down there and see that finish line —  it’s the best feeling in the world,” he says. 

posted Tuesday April 9th