Fitness tips for dedicated runners

Sometimes, running is about winning a marathon or being fast. For some runners who run every week, it can become a little bit of a chore that their main goal is to make their runs more tolerable instead of faster. Their goal is to increase their fitness and passion for the sport, not just to finish first. While it’s not the hardest exercise out there, running can be a little difficult if you don’t take care of a few essential factors that go a long way. This includes following a healthy diet, waking up early, taking breaks, and most importantly, listening to your body. After all, your goal should be to improve your overall health and increase your fitness. Maybe lose a few pounds along the way. If you’re really dedicated to your goals and want to enjoy every minute of your daily running routine, we’ve got something for you. Here are some of the best tips that will help you achieve your running goals and keep you motivated throughout your exercises.

Run Early in the Morning

This one may be easier said than done but accomplishing your running goals in the morning before breakfast can have a huge impact on your mood. Imagine getting that chore out of the way and still having the rest of the day to do anything else you want. You won’t have to worry about your workout all day, neither will you worry about the last meal you ate before your run. Getting up early in the morning may be difficult, but it’s worth it when you discover all the benefits of running at the break of dawn. 

Learn to Do Negative Splits

Negative splits is a technique applied by most runners to save energy and maintain their speed until the end of their races or runs. While it can be simple to explain, it takes a lot of time and practice to master. This long-distance running technique focuses on conserving energy and running at a slightly slower pace for the first half of the run so that the body can feel well enough to run at high speeds for the second half. This eliminates fatigue and helps runners gain more focus during their runs. Start adding negative splits to your next run, and you’ll be seeing amazing results in no time.

Take Care of Hydration and Nutrition

Drinking enough water throughout your day and consuming foods that are high on carbohydrates is the key to continuously providing your body with the energy it needs for the longest runs. You can try oatmeal which is one of the best food for runners as it contains a lot of carbs and protein and is easy on the stomach, so you can increase your portions without worrying about feeling full during your runs. Nutritionists at suggest that the carb intake and requirements for runners vary based on how long they run. They recommend trying different portions and experimenting to find out the suitable carb portion for every runner. 

Refuel in the Middle of Your Runs

It’s recommended to take on a few calories in the middle of your runs if you are running for more than an hour to help your body maintain its energy. You can stop in the middle to add some calories through powders, gels, chews, or even dried fruit and nuts. However, what works for other runners’ stomachs may not work for yours, so you’ll need to keep experimenting with different foods until you find your go-to food that doesn’t upset your stomach as you keep running. Water is also as important, you should aim to keep a bottle or a hydration backpack with you so that you can refuel on water every 20 minutes. While the recommended duration is 40 minutes before you take on any calories during running, and 20 minutes for hydration, you should experiment at your own pace and practice how you’re going to refuel in the middle of your runs.

Post-Run Recovery Is Important

A good recovery plan goes a long way in helping your body recover faster and preparing you for your next run. This is why you should make sure to eat a post-workout meal to provide your body with the needed nutrition. This meal should be rich in proteins, carbs, and fats. You may also want to include electrolytes if you’ve worked up a good sweat during your run. This can be done by consuming non-alcoholic beer or adding some salt to your post-run meal.

Running is a great exercise for increasing fitness, but it can be a little difficult to stay motivated and commit to a running routine. Especially for runners who practice this exercise daily. These tips will help you enjoy every minute of your runs as well as improve your health and keep your body prepared for long strenuous runs.

posted Monday May 3rd
by Colorado Runner