Enhance your training with the Jevitty app for masters runners

A new health and fitness app has been created out of Vancouver to enhance the performance of the current and next generation of masters runners. Jevitty is an app that tracks your progress on essential health metrics like body fat percentage, distribution, lean mass and bone density with one tap of the finger, helping you get the most out of your training while you age

The app takes the user’s current lifestyle and body composition information and provides them with a health score rating out of 200. When the user moves into a healthier way of living, that health score is updated in real-time, giving them a chance to track their progress.

You can also sync the Jevitty app with your fitness tracker or GPS smartwatch and track other metrics like heart rate, sleep quality, activities and even how much oxygen your body uses while running (VO2 max).

The mind behind the app is Jerry Kroll, an experienced masters marathoner who found his inspiration while trying to break the three-hour barrier at the 2005 Toronto Waterfront Marathon at age 42. He was passed in the final few kilometres by the late Canadian running legend, Ed Whitlock, who ran 2:58:40 to become the world’s oldest man to run a sub-three-hour marathon.

“We want to change the way people think about life by giving them access to tools, professionals and services they need to turn the fear of getting older into a dream to be achieved,” says Kroll. “The app is a fun, engaging, research-informed way to create an optimal balance of body and mind and help redefine people’s true potential.”

At the 2022 Vancouver Half Marathon in June, Jevitty teamed up with Canada Running Series to offer a cash prize for the oldest sub-two-hour finisher. Janet Pritchard of Burnaby (W65-69) and Rick Horita of White Rock, B.C., (M70-74) won the inaugural Golden Shoe Award.

“We hope the award inspires younger athletes to live healthier when they are older and keep running,” says Kroll.

The company plans to reach out and partner up with more races around Canada to bring more awareness to Jevitty’s mission. “We want to ensure people are getting out to exercise regardless of age,” says Kroll.

The Jevitty app just launched for iOS users and will soon be available for Android.

posted Saturday August 6th
by Running Magazine