Camille Herron 24 Hour World Record has been ratified

It’s a great way to start the week finding out my 24Hr World Record was ratified by the International Association of Ultrarunners !

Thank you so much to everyone who made all this possible! It was the longest and most worthwhile day of my life.

I’m blessed for what my body can do and the amazing team of support around me at Desert Solstice that kept me going and going.  

I’m looking forward to representing our great country next Oct. at the World Championship! 

(Camille Herron wrote this December 10 and posted this on FB.) Thank you everyone for all the messages and following along! We did it!

✅ 24 hr World Best- 162.919 mi at 8:50 per mi

✅ 100 mi Track American Record- 13:25

✅ 200K Track AR- 17:07:27

It was really hard (to say the least hahaa)! 655.48 laps on a track was mind boggling. I mentally and physically prepared myself to work through any road blocks, hydrate and fuel well, maintain structural integrity, and keep moving.

I changed my shoes twice to keep my feet happy. I had an amazing crew of Conor, Ron Foster, and my friend Gretchen Connelie from NYC keeping me going!

I hit a low point around 2-3am and had to get some Taco Bell and beer and walk a few laps. Slowly but surely I got going again. It was really fun to run through the night and then anticipate seeing the sunrise!

There was an overwhelming amount of support out there of people cheering us on throughout the 24 hrs- thank you very much for coming out. There’s a lot of great photos and moments, esp Howie Stern and Jubilee Paige. 

Desert Solstice Invitational Track Meet - 100 Miles & 24 Hours is such a well run event, and I can’t say enough positive things about how much attention to detail Aravaipa Running w/ Hayley Pollack and Jamil Coury put into it and all the record keeping. It was incredible to share the track with so many talented athletes. 

Now the record is official. 

People like to ask me how I can smile when I’m running dozens of miles at a time. It’s because I’m prepared and I fuel myself so that I can enjoy both the run and the results! I love to eat potatoes - a complex carb - to fuel my workouts. And my races. Skin-on potatoes are a good source of potassium and Vitamin B. 

posted Tuesday March 5th
by Camille Herron