Brigid Kosgei Breaks the World Record at the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Brigid Kosgei has just won the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon in world record fashion.

Kosgei, of Kenya, raced her way to an early lead, breaking far away from her pack and continuing on pace to break not just a course but the woman’s world record. 

Kosgei appeared to beat the all-time record, which stood at 2:15:25 thanks to Paula Radcliffe’s blistering performance in the 2003 London Marathon, by several seconds. Kosgei’s personal record time was previously 2:18:20, which she set earlier this year in the London Marathon.

Kosgei has literally been unbeatable in 2019.

Kosgei wowed fans in 2017 with a second-place finish, but she made an even bigger splash last fall when she won the race with third-fastest time in Chicago's history.

posted Sunday October 13th