Brent Weigner has flown way over two million miles traveling to marathons and beyond

Last weekend I ran my 320th marathon, this one in the Falkland Islands. I have run marathons or beyond in 153 countries... I have flown way over two million miles going to marathons, ultra marathons, 150 mile multi day stage races, and snowshoe ultras. I have been flying my entire life. We have flown around the globe when competing in a Global Scavenger Hunt. In 1976 I bought a round the world standby ticket for $999.00 on Pan American Airlines. In 1985 I received my private pilots license and flew about 200 hours for a couple years. Since 2013 I have been trying to run marathons/ultras in 20 new countries each year. My personal record was 38 new countries in 2017... My wife and I retired the same day, June 4, 2010. We were in are early 60s and everything was paid off. We have no bills and spend all our money on traveling. We buy experiences and not things that are dust catchers. When we die the only thing we want to take with us is what we have given away while we were alive. Photo - marathon I ran in the country of Benin in Africa. Editor's Note: No one has run marathons in more countries than Brent Weigner and in his younger days he ran 2:45:50 at the Boston Marathon.

posted Wednesday March 21st
by Brent Weigner