Boston Athletic Association unveils revised unicorn logo for Boston Marathon

On the occasion of Global Running Day, the Boston Athletic Association is unveiling a revised version of its iconic unicorn logo.

B.A.A. officials said the new logo is intended to be a forward-facing and athletic symbol of the organization's future.

"Between our mass participatory events and our support of philanthropic organizations, we aim to spearhead continued growth and enthusiasm around the sport of running while supporting those around us," said Jack Fleming, B.A.A. President and CEO.

Elements of the new logo include:

Facing forward, the emblem eyes the future and many miles ahead.

Spike’s jawline is enhanced, demonstrating the athletic and gritty nature of Boston.

With alert and focused eyes, Spike is determined to conquer the challenging Boston Marathon course.

Pointing northeast, Spike’s horn represents the direction of the Marathon route on a compass from start to finish.

The flowing mane shows swift movement on the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle – directly tied to the B.A.A.’s mission.

The new base of the unicorn showcases two sides coming together, the merging of the B.A.A.’s history and future.

Within Spike’s neck is a gap between two lines, symbolic of breaking the champion’s tape at the finish line.

13 points are on the mane, one for each decade of B.A.A. heritage.

B.A.A. officials said the finish line on Boylston Street is being repainted Wednesday to feature the updated logo.

WCVB is the official broadcast partner of the B.A.A. and the Boston Marathon.

posted Wednesday June 5th
by Phil Tenser